Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins

Match Masters has quickly become a fan favorite as a competitive take on the most-played mobile game. It's a match-three puzzle game where you can play with people you know or meet worldwide. Matching sets of 3 or more of the same color against random opponents will earn you points. 

People quickly liked Match Masters as they can challenge their friends in a game where they need to use boosts and other tools.  You must collect free coins in the game to get these boosts and tools. Learn more about Match Masters’ gameplay, modes, and free coins below. 

  • What Is Match Masters?
  • What Is The Normal Mode On Match Masters?
  • How Can You Use Boosts On Match Masters?
  • What Are The Tournaments On Match Masters?
  • How Can You Get Free Coins On Match Masters?
  • Why Should You Collect Stickers On Match Masters?
Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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What Is Match Masters?

Unlike other Match-3 games, Match Masters will let you play against other people and show how good you are at making the right combinations of chips in tournaments and other large-scale events. 

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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You can win by using boosters, mixers, and even equipment. Invite your friends to play, figure out how to win, get trophies, and move up the rankings. Add trendy stickers to your collection to make the game even more fun.

Match Master adds a competitive twist to the most popular type of mobile game. It's a match-3 puzzle game you can play with friends or people worldwide. You will play against random opponents. 


How Can You Download Match Masters? 

Enjoy a real-time online turn-based match-3 competition with friends or players from all over the world! Play matching games in a new and exciting way with Match Masters, a free app with many options!

You can try the excitement of the app by downloading it on your mobile device. The Match Masters app is free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

What Is The Normal Mode On Match Masters?

The normal way to play Match Masters is in Play Mode or Normal Mode. At the beginning of your journey, the Play/Normal mode will help you learn more about the game and match-3 rules. It will also move you closer to getting into studios. 

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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As you level up in the studio, you can play Dustville Duel, Sugar Rush, and more in new and exciting ways. After you've finished all the studios and joined the Masters League, "Play" mode or "Normal mode" will still be the best way to play Match Masters.

When you choose (Play Mode) or (Normal Mode) in the Masters League, the system will pick a past arena for you and your opponent to play in based on the studios you've already unlocked.

What Is The Adventure Mode On Match Masters?

In adventure modes, you'll go on a journey you've never been on! Follow the path to the grand prize by beating your opponents, winning many hard games, and collecting treasures. Each adventure has a path with different levels to finish. 

Each level has a different game mode to win to move on to the next level and win the big prize at the end. Moreover, each adventure gives you a set number of lives. You lose a life if you lose a match. 

The game is over if you lose all of your lives before getting to the top. Each adventure has its theme and album of stickers. When you finish an adventure, you get stickers for your adventure album, and when you fill a page or an album, you get awesome prizes!

How Can You Use Boosts On Match Masters?

Players can choose unique boosts before a match. Depending on the type of boost, players can use it to destroy multiple tiles and score many points. Players must destroy tiles of the charge bar's color for boosts to work. 

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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After filling the bar, players can use the boost's effect without losing a turn. Try to make as many 4-or-more matches as possible before using this effect to get free turns. You never know how this tool will change the board, so don't save your boost effect just because there are better chances. 

When stuck playing match-3s, players should charge their boosts. Fully charged boosts are excellent. Try to make as many 4-or-more matches as possible before using this effect to get free turns. 

How Can You Use Tools On Match Masters?

After completing Match Masters' tutorial, players can use the tools. Tools help players change the board to their advantage and avoid jams. Tools can only be used once per match, so players should use them wisely. These activate special combos, which you can learn about here.

Every player has two tools: Hammer and Shuffle. These two have different effects and aren't used together unless necessary. Most beginners don't value their simple effects. Higher-level players know using these tools at the right time can help them win.

What Are The Tournaments On Match Masters?

Tournaments let you show how good you are in a match. They have anywhere from 8 to 64 players and various rules, game modifiers, and entry requirements. They also give great prizes like Event Points, Tournament Cups, and even Boosters. 

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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The "i" and "Prizes" icons on the tournament banner show all prizes and game rules. No matter what booster or perk you choose when you join a tournament, you'll be paired with a random player at first. The tournament will start as soon as all the spots for players are taken.

Each tournament is broken up into blocks of four. If you win a match, your next opponent will be someone who also won their match in the same block as you. Before joining a tournament, you should know that you can't change your boosters or perks during the tournament.

How Can Joining A Team Help You On Match Masters?

Joining a team is another thing that can only be done once the player's competitive rating reaches 1400. A team is the game's version of a guild or club, where players can talk to each other and make friends. 

You should join a team because it gives you free coins and boosters. Make sure to enter events that encourage teamwork. Find a very active team that participates in events and helps its members improve at the game. 

You can do this by looking at the top-ranked teams or joining one that is at least good. You should only join an active team if you get something from them. Even if you aren't very social, you should still join a team to get the benefits.

How Can You Get Free Coins On Match Masters?

In Match Masters, you can buy boosters in the shop with coins. Here are some ways you can get them without paying: Tap the menu (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner of the screen. The next step is to click "10 Free Coins," and then watch the 30-second advertisement.

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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You might win coins if you use the "Daily Spin" in the shop. You can get coins or boosts from the wheel of fortune. To get teams, you need to earn 200 stars and reach star level 4. Join a team, and other players will give you free coins. When you join one, you'll always get 100 coins.

When a friend joins, you will get 150 coins. You can invite friends through Facebook, Messenger, email, and other social networking sites. Look in the top left corner of the screen for events. When you finish certain tasks, they might give you coins. The "Friends Fiesta" event was still going on when this guide was written. If two friends join this game, they will get 350 coins.

What Are The Other Ways To Can Get Free Coins On Match Masters?

There are also events, like digging for diamonds, that give you coins and boosts when you reach a certain goal. You can get special items, like diamonds, by doing special things during a match, like matching purple pieces, turning on boosters, etc.

At certain points, you can get coins if you reach certain trophy milestones. Tap on the character in the middle of the home screen to get to the trophy milestone map.

Get 300 coins if you link the game to Facebook. You can also play with friends and save your progress.

Why Should You Collect Stickers On Match Masters?

Sticker collecting is another task that players usually don't care about because they see it as a side task that takes their attention away from the game's primary goals. Players need to realize that when they finish a set of stickers, they can get important rewards if they want to compete at the highest level. 

Play Match Masters and Learn How to Get Free Coins
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You can get high-level boosts that give you the best chance of beating your opponent as one of the rewards. Stickers can be collected by spending coins in the store to buy packs of stickers. You should be careful if you want to use your coins to purchase stickers because buying more essential boosts is better. 

You may obtain stickers as prizes for going to events and playing games. If you get duplicates of stickers you already have, you can try trading them with other players through the trade feature or by connecting with them on social media.

Why Should You Use Lucky Spins On Match Masters?

Lucky spins are a part of the game that encourages people to play daily. Every day, players get a free "lucky spin" that gives them a chance to win some great prizes. With this feature, players can get random rewards like coins, stickers, boosts, and energy that never runs out. 

Players can also buy more spins of the wheel, but we don't recommend it because the odds of just getting coins are so high that you're gambling with a precious resource.

Even though the odds of winning the big prize are very low, the small prizes you get from this are still beneficial and will make playing the game easier. Because coins are so important, you should use any feature that gives them to you for free.


Playing against friends in a competitive setting that requires boost and other tools made Match Masters a hit with gamers. You must earn some in-game currency (coins) and spend it on these power-ups and gadgets.