Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold

Heavily inspired by many other popular first-person shooter games, Standoff 2 takes the tactical FPS game to mobile devices. The game features an even faster-paced action as you rely on both your skills and your teammates to set up the objective and win the game.

With over six maps, three game modes, and more features coming, Standoff 2 has some of the most intricate features in any mobile FPS game


You'll also need a lot of help playing and understanding the game. Here are some of the tips and tricks, including how to play better, get coins and gold.

  • Purchase Equipment And Accessories
  • Choose Your Best Weapon And Stick With It
  • Take Advantage Of Training Mode
  • Understand Each Map
  • Invite Your Friends
  • Follow Up An Initiation
  • Play For Objectives
Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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Purchase Equipment And Accessories

Weapons and accessories are an integral aspect of Standoff 2. You won't be able to do anything aside from running away from enemy fire or try to dive for cover if you do not have any weapons to use to retaliate.

Always make sure that you can buy weapons and some accessories. Weapons help you deal damage to the enemy, while accessories will help provide utility and will help to defend yourself from the enemy. 


Some accessories or supporting equipment in the game are flash grenades which can blind enemies with a bright light or smoke grenade that blocks enemy vision.

Go For The Head

It comes as no surprise that the most effective way to eliminate your opponents in every first-person shooter game is to aim for the head. 

Headshots are the best way to kill the enemy. One shot should be enough if you are good enough, especially if you are using sniper rifles. If not, you can always use your current weapon and aim for the head to get more damage. 


Standoff 2 rewards you with more points when you can do headshots. Just be careful as there are players who often purchase equipment that protect them from headshots.

Choose Your Best Weapon And Stick With It

There are a lot of weapons to choose from in Standoff 2. You can choose the sniper rifle if you want to hunt down opponents from a distance or choose the shotgun if you're going to play it close. With so many weapons to use, there is bound to be one that you're comfortable with.

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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Stick with the weapon that you're comfortable using and play by its strengths. Those who are fond of using sniper rifles should learn how to better position themselves and have better aim. 

If you're into close-ranged combat, make sure you have a steady aim to gain an advantage during a fight.

Don't Run And Shoot

Speaking of combat, most players, especially new ones or those who come from other FPS games, tend to run around a lot. They often come in contact with the opposing teams and end up running away while shooting. 

This move is a waste of time, energy, ammo, and resources for you and your team. Avoid running and shooting simultaneously; running and shooting cause you to lose your focus on your aim. 

If you must dodge enemy fire, you can always run and take cover, then start shooting or move side to side while shooting steadily.

Take Advantage Of Training Mode

For those who are still new to Standoff 2, the best way to introduce yourself to the game is to play the tutorial. You can then move on to Training Mode to hone skills even further. 

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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The training mode allows you to practice every day and lets you improve your accuracy, flicking skills, and reaction time in the game. This may take a while for new players to the genre, but for FPS veterans, it can mean a few minutes of adjustments, and you're off to play with other players. 

For some, it is best to stick with training mode first before playing games with others.

Setup Your Controls

The default controls in Standoff 2 are optimized for mobile gaming. If you are not yet familiar with the control setup of mobile FPS games,  the default controls are the best way to introduce you to the setup. 

Get yourself acquainted with the game's basic controls, and then change the setup to what is comfortable for you. It is one of the understated recommendations in every FPS game, whether it is on mobile or PC, to change the setup of your controls to your comfort level. 

It optimizes how you play the game and helps you get more wins.

Understand Each Map

It comes as no surprise that many newbies tend to jump into the action the moment they are done with the tutorial. What they lack is an understanding of the map and how it affects movement and gameplay.

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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Maps are specifically designed to be balanced around both teams. Understanding each map, including where the bottleneck spots and perfect hiding spots for recovery or assassination, is key to winning the game. 

Most high-level players tend to play on a single competitive map and know each corner of the map. You'll soon notice that they know the different shortcuts or detours to a certain area, or they can spot you hiding from a certain angle.

Play Popular Maps

Speaking of maps, it is always best to play popular maps instead of focusing your energy on less popular ones. The reason behind this is that many high-level players often play popular maps. 

The player base always plays popular maps, so you can have more time to understand the map. 

We already know how important it is to understand the map, so playing the same map repeatedly should help you understand it even further.

Invite Your Friends

Standoff 2 is a team game, first and foremost. You'll never be able to win a game without teamwork. Whether you're getting carried by a better player or you're carrying your team to victory, you still need other players to achieve success.

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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This is the reason why you should invite your friends to play with you. Playing with a friend whom you've played with before will decrease the risk of having toxic teammates that would pull you down. 

Additionally, you also have someone you can rely on to carry you if you do not have a good game.

Join A Clan

Finding friends in the game can be very difficult if you do not have real friends to play with. The best way to search for friends in the game is to join an active clan. 

Clans are a group of players under a banner that either help you win more games, teach you how to play, learn some secrets, or hang out within the game. 

Go ahead and join a clan today and see the difference in your experience playing Standoff 2.

Follow Up An Initiation

A fight usually breaks out the moment a player meet an opponent. However, there are times when both teams are trying to feel each other out and wait until someone initiates a fight.

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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You can find yourself in a team that loves to initiate a fight so learning how to follow up on initiation is key to winning the fight. Most of the time, a fight starts with the use of a flash grenade or a smoke grenade.

Provide support to your team by either throwing more grenades or start picking off stragglers who are not information. Learning how to follow up with your key initiator will help you survive the onslaught and maybe even win the game.

Learn To Disengage

Learning how to disengage is another key strategy that you need to learn when playing the game. If you're fond of initiating fights, you should also learn how to fall back. 

Disengaging does not necessarily mean you lost the fight. It can mean that you want to take the fight on your terms as a team. Disengaging from team fights is also necessary to recuperate and recalibrate your strategy as a team. 

This creates downtime in the game, even if it is just for a few minutes, and in this game, every minute counts.

Play For Objectives

There are a lot of reasons why players tend to lose their games. It's not that they have lower kill counts, but it's the fact that they don't play around objectives

Standoff 2 - How To Get Coins And Gold
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The team should always prioritize setting up for objectives first, like planting or defusing bombs instead of outright killing enemies left and right. 

You win games by completing the objectives. Kills will come later on once you have set up your objective.

Get Coins And Gold

You'll encounter few resources in this game, but the most important ones are silver coins and gold. Silver coins can be earned by playing the game, gathering experience, and winning more matches with high scores. 

Gold can be purchased with real money through the in-game shop. Another way to get gold is to sell the skins from the boxes you get as a reward for playing the game. 

You also get these boxes by purchasing them using your silver coins.


Like many other FPS games on mobile, Standoff 2 rewards good gameplay and players who have better skills, practice your aim and get to know the game a bit better, and you'll find yourself having a good time playing the game. 

Apply the tips above and see if there is a difference in the way you play. Standoff 2 is now available to download at the Google Play Store and the App Store.