War and Order Free Gems - Learn How to Get for Free

Building a kingdom from the ground up is never easy. This is what War and Order are all about. In this mobile strategy game, you are chosen to build your own kingdom and conquer the land.

War and Order is a new mobile strategy game where you take part in real-time battles while also maintaining and defending your kingdom from your enemies. Players can form alliances to protect each other or go to war against one another in a bid to rule the entire land and collect resources such as food, wood, and gems.


If you want to know more about how to get gems for free while playing War And Order, check out the guide below.

War and Order Free Gems - Learn How to Get for Free
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Never Keep Your Buildings on Idle

One of the many things that War and Order players should know how to do to be successful is to multitask. There are different activities to do in the game apart from just gathering resources and recruiting new units for your army. 

You can build and research while also doing those things. Never keep your buildings idle as it is a total waste of time when you do so. You can always multitask by upgrading or constructing buildings within your kingdom. 


If you don't have enough resources to upgrade, you can still research upgrades for your buildings and units. Researching can take a lot of time so be sure to do this before you log out of the game so that by the time you get back, you are ready for another round of research.

Farming Is Key to Sustainability

If you notice on the map, there are only a few areas where you can gather important resources for your kingdom. These areas also tend to be more vulnerable to attacks from other kingdoms if you're not careful. 

Apart from that, you'll also have to deal with monsters that can be powerful enough to bring your army down. These monsters drop useful loot but can also be quite expensive to prepare. Try building a resource production farm within your kingdom instead. 


You can farm for the basic resources to sustain your kingdom. For those who are searching for rare resources, you can use your basic resources and trade them at the Merchant Ship. This will help you achieve more resources for your kingdom without having to deal with enemy attacks or monster raids.

Learn How to Get Gems for Free

Speaking of resources, there is one resource in the game that is quite difficult to obtain - gems. Gems are the premium currency used to substitute different resources in the game. 

War and Order Free Gems - Learn How to Get for Free
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For example, if you don't have enough food, you can exchange gems for more food for your kingdom. There are a lot of ways for you to get gems in War and Order for free. One of which is by completing important quests in the game. 

When playing the campaign, you will receive rewards once you complete a quest or achieve a certain level. Make sure that you complete these quests so you can get free gems. You can also find free gems in mines on the world map. 

You'll need a good amount of units to get into battle to claim these mines or defend these mines in case an opponent tries to seize them from you.

Join an Alliance and Get Free Gems

Another way to get free gems in War and Order is to join an alliance, and there are a lot of advantages to joining an alliance. One advantage is that you get access to other players and can get in touch with them while playing. 

Other players often offer great advice on how to build your kingdom and how to protect it while you're away. Apart from that, you'll also receive free gems when you first join an alliance. This will help kickstart your journey and allow you to purchase more for your kingdom. 

An alliance consists of other active players so take advantage of this as many members will want to send gifts to aid your journey.

Participate in Limited Events

War and Order often have limited events that progress the story of the game or provide players with something exclusive. 

War and Order Free Gems - Learn How to Get for Free
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This is why it is highly recommended that you always participate in these limited-time events. They offer exclusive rewards and for many, it is also a great way to earn a large number of gems in a short period. 

These events are often interwoven into the story of the game while others are much more centered around player activities. 

Make sure to join these limited events and do everything you can to participate in them before the event ends.

Always Update the Game to Its Latest Version

War and Order regularly pushes updates to enhance gameplay and add more features to the game. Once an option to update to the latest version is available, make sure that you update it immediately. 

The game will then reward you for updating War and Order to the latest version by giving out free gems. 

Updating the game does not take a lot of your time or data and it even enhances the game with new features for you to enjoy.

Sign Up for the Monthly Subscription

If you're worried that you might not have enough gems to help you through the game, there is a solution, but you need to invest some money to get more from the game. 

War and Order Free Gems - Learn How to Get for Free
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The best way to do this is to sign up for a monthly subscription where you will get extra benefits from the game. This includes free gems every day while the subscription is active. 

Make sure that you link your preferred payment method beforehand so you can enjoy the game with these extra features. 

If you wish to discontinue, you can always choose to disable the setting before your next cycle.

Don't Forget to Do Quests

As mentioned above, quests are very important if you want to earn gems for free but they also help you gain other rewards and experience. Experience is key to leveling up your kingdom

There are a lot of quests to complete, especially in the early game, that reward you with resources and experience. Make good use of these rewards by constantly building new structures, upgrading them, or researching new things for your kingdom. 

Follow the quest progression until you are ready to take on your nearby opponents. The rewards you get should help you recruit more units to your army and help with your upkeep.


When it comes to building your kingdom in War and Order, you need to be very smart about every decision that you make. One false move and your kingdom can end up pillaged by the enemy kingdom. Be sure to follow all the tips mentioned above so you can protect your kingdom while also getting gems for free.

War and Order are now available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store today.