Discover How to Get Gold in Evoland

Ever wonder how the role-playing game genre has evolved over the past few years? Want to learn more about the history of how RPGs came to be by playing a game?

Evoland is the perfect game for casual and hardcore RPG fans who want to understand the genre by taking a trip down memory lane with the help of inspirations from other games.


To learn more about Evoland, what the game is all about, how to get gold, and more, check out the guide below.

  • About Evoland
  • Learn How to Play with the Tutorial Simulation
  • Earning Gold and Its Uses
  • Don't Be Afraid to Explore More
  • Dealing with the Final Boss: Part 1
Discover How to Get Golds in Evoland
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About Evoland

Evoland is a role-playing video game where you start with the most basic commodity in the game. The game is inspired by the history of role-playing games with the likes of The Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy as their source of inspiration.

It is basically a love letter to the genre. The more you explore, the more you discover different things in this world.


As you progress through the game, Evoland also evolves from a 2D game with only four colors, to begin with into a full-blown 3D game filled with different monsters, characters, weapons, and many more.

The game also alternates between a real-time to the turn-based battle system and opens up more types of combat as you progress through the game.

Where to Download

The game was released in 2013 and is readily available for download on many platforms. Evoland is available for Windows PC, OS, and Linux including mobile devices such as Android and iOS.


The game can also be downloaded for consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is also available for handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch.

To download, purchase the game first by tapping ‘Buy’. Once done, you will be able to download the game and start playing.

Learn How to Play with the Tutorial Simulation

You won't be teleported immediately into the heart of the game after pressing Start. Instead, you'll be placed in an area to learn the mechanics of the game in a tutorial simulation.

Discover How to Get Golds in Evoland
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The funny thing is that there won't be any music nor are there any complicated mechanics to learn. Here you get to learn how to navigate in the game through the controls and steadily understand that the game slowly evolves as you progress.

It is in this section of the game that many players tend to be caught off guard by how the game treats its players. Don't be surprised at how easy the game is at this stage. You'll find more challenging features later on.

Be patient as you go through this section and you'll be rewarded for staying.

Collecting Double Twin Cards

There are three main items in this game that you will need to collect to progress through the game. These are double twin cards, stars, and glis. Glis is the in-game currency while stars are collectible items in the game.

The double twin cards can be acquired by progressing through the game's main storyline. You can collect as many as 23 cards and can be used to play in a mini-game.

Collecting different cards will unlock different achievements which can earn you some bonus rewards.

Earning Gold and Its Uses

Gold or Glis are the official in-game currency used in the game. There are a lot of uses of Glis that will impact how you move forward in Evoland. Most of the time, it is used to purchase weapons, armor, equipment, and other items like health potions and more.

Discover How to Get Golds in Evoland
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Getting these items can only be done when you have enough Glis which could set you back if you don't have enough to purchase these items to progress. However, there are also many ways to earn Glis.

One of which is by defeating monsters. Monsters drop Glis among other things so you can always collect them after. The more difficult the monster, the more Glis it provides. Another way to get Glis is to complete quests.

There are a lot of quests that you can do upon arriving at the first village. Go ahead and compile them all and accomplish them as soon as possible. You'll be rewarded with a hefty amount of Glis in the end.

Getting New Weapons

At the start of the game, you will have limited slots in your inventory but that can change when you progress through the game. The inventory allows you to hold several items while you travel through the land.

Getting weapons in the game will help you defeat more monsters and expand your inventory. This is the main reason why having new weapons will help you gain faster progress in the game. At first, you'll only have a sword and a few slots in your inventory.

You can, later on, purchase a long sword from the shopkeeper at the very first village that you come across. Soon, you'll be able to purchase many other weapons including bombs, bows, potions, and even the legendary sword.

Don't Be Afraid to Explore More

There is a reason why the game wants you to explore the world around you by collecting items like cards and stars. Evoland offers exploration achievements for those who are able to find secret locations and uncover all parts of the map.

Discover How to Get Golds in Evoland
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Achievements like True Explorer can be unlocked once you find the Hidden Cave or the Dungeon Crawler achievement whenever you explore and discover the Shrine of Babamut.

Always keep an eye out on things that are peculiar such as a bush or a boulder that is blocking something. This could lead you down some undiscovered path that will help you unlock this achievement.

Gain Combat Achievements

Another great feature in Evoland is the ability to receive achievements from reaching combat feats like defeating a certain number of monsters or defeating them using a certain spell or attack.

Achievements like Undertaker can be unlocked once you have killed 100 skeletons or Sniper when get to kill a skeleton with your bow and arrow.

One great achievement to add to your list is the Dodgeball achievement where you need to beat the Noria Mines boss with your full health still intact. It is a great challenge especially for those who have played the game before and want to prove to others that they can defeat such a formidable boss.

Dealing with the Final Boss: Part 1

Playing through the game can be very easy. It only takes around five to seven hours of playtime to get to the end. Let's say you've been able to get to the end and now you finally get to face the final boss - Zephyros.

Discover How to Get Golds in Evoland
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Zephyros is one of the most formidable bosses in the game hence the reason why he is the final one. He uses a gigantic floating armor with two large arms to try and pummel you. He doesn't have any predictable combat movement making him very random and dangerous to play against.

When faced with Zephyros, the first thing that you want to do is to dodge those large arms so you won't be inside the area where he'll breathe fire. You can then hit as many times as you possibly can whenever he puts his arms down.

This may take some time since you'll need to defeat both of his hands so be patient.

Dealing with the Final Boss: Part 2

Once he drops his giant arms, you'll then deal with the floating armor that breathes fire. This is the tricky part of the battle. You might think that when he turns the fire off, you get the chance to hit the armor, however, that is not his weak spot.

You will notice that there is a red floating orb behind him which is the right weak spot that you should be hitting. Try to stay close to him without getting hit by the fire so you can hit the orb behind him. Once Zephyros comes out from his armor, he'll begin throwing different things at you including fireballs and a blue orb.

Hit the blue orb and toss it back to damage him. Do this whenever he tosses out the blue energy orb since that is the only thing that can damage him. Do this patiently and you'll be able to defeat him.


Evoland provides a pleasant experience especially for hardcore fans of the RPG genre. The game takes to the different phases of RPG from the monochromatic start to what it is now today.

It's a great game to reminisce how the RPG genre has evolved throughout the years and it's a celebration of how it has been for the past few decades. Download Evoland for your device and try it out today!