Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner

Gather a team of heroes to fight against evil or recruit a team of villains to spread chaos in the world with Destiny Summoner

In this mobile strategy role-playing game, you get to choose your destiny and collect hundreds of characters from a roster of heroes and villains ranging from stalwart warriors to mystical mages to formidable fighters.


If you are new to the game, things can become complicated fast. This is the reason why reading some guides online will help you learn more about the game, especially on how to get diamonds in Destiny Summoner. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Different Heroes
  • Where to Recruit Heroes
  • Equipping Different Gears
  • Factors that Affect Combat
  • Play the Campaign
  • Collect More Diamonds from Shrines and Obelisks
Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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Familiarize Yourself with the Different Heroes

The first thing that you need to get to know is the heroes. Destiny Summoner is all about picking the right set of heroes for the right situation.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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There are a lot of heroes to choose from in this game however, utilizing them to your advantage depends on the type of play style that you have. You can either go for a defensive set of heroes or have a more damage-oriented team. 


There are four classes of heroes in Destiny Summoner. These are the ranger, priest, warrior, and mage and each of them belongs to a faction. 

There are six different factions in the game and each hero can attain a ranking of SS which is the best rank in the game.

Hero Attributes and Upgrading Them

Each hero has an attribute that will dictate how players can play them. A hero's strength is determined by how much damage he deals in battle. 


While there are other types of heroes that have different attributes, it all boils down to who deals more damage and who can mitigate them. Each hero will have their own set of skills that they bring to battle. 

Upgrading them will help you either deal more damage, shield your allies, heal them, or disrupt the enemy team. Always consider upgrading your heroes regularly to make them stronger.

Where to Recruit Heroes

There are a lot of ways for players to recruit heroes to join their team. While most of them utilize a random system to pull the best hero possible, you can get them in many other ways.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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Completing the campaign, joining events, and participating in other game modes will reward you with hero fragments. You can summon a new hero after collecting ten fragments. 

Other ways to recruit new heroes are through playing roulette, completing tasks at the Tavern, or purchasing them directly from the in-game store or through the Black Market.

Choose Champions from the Same Faction

When you recruit heroes to your team, you will notice that all of them belong to different factions. Each faction has its own set of attributes. This is the reason why many players would rather have heroes coming from the same faction to activate this attribute. 

You can either boost your team's overall health or increase your damage whenever you have all six heroes within the same faction. You will still need to gauge your team's effectiveness in combat if it is more advantageous for you to go with just one faction or mix all heroes. 

However, it is still highly recommended to recruit heroes of the same faction especially if you are still new to the game.

Equipping Different Gears

Along with heroes, Destiny Summoner also has a wide variety of gears and equipment for players to choose from. These gears can be equipped and provide additional attributes to the specific hero.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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Each gear also has their specific ranks depending on the quality of the attributes they provide. These ranks range from blue to orange with blue being the most common and orange having the highest quality. 

Always choose either green, red, or orange gear and dismantle the rest to give you more diamonds. You may also sell your old gear to earn more coins in the game.

Upgrade Your Gear

Upgrading your gear will cost coins and diamonds. Upgrading each gear will help increase the stats of the specific equipment making your hero more powerful. 

It is highly recommended to upgrade your hero's gear from time to time or purchase a new one if it offers more attributes than the previous equipment. 

To upgrade your gear, simply tap on the item and tap ‘Fortify’ then pay for the amount needed to upgrade the item.

Factors that Affect Combat

Combat in Destiny Summoner is highly dependent on different factors. Keep in mind that the following factors will heavily affect how your team fights.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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A hero's speed will dictate if he gets to attack first or not while accuracy will depend on the possibility of hitting the enemy with attacks. 

Block enables your hero to block incoming damage while crit damage increases the amount of critical damage done towards the enemy. 

You will also need to consider the elemental property of your opponents as some elements are weak against others while strong against another type of element.

Put Tanks and Fighters First

Team positioning is also vital during team fights. It is always best to place the tanks and fighters at the front so they can absorb the incoming damage from the opposing team. 

This will give time for your damage dealers to throw out damaging spells and skills towards the enemy. By placing the tanks and fighters at the front, you protect the vulnerable party members from being attacked. 

This means that you will need to place your mages in the middle and the healers at the back since they are the most vulnerable in the group.

Play the Campaign

Destiny Summoner's campaign should always be your priority when playing the game. Not only does it tell a compelling tale of good versus evil, but it also provides a lot of rewards when you complete different chapters.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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Alongside receiving rewards from the game such as coins and diamonds, you also unlock other game modes as you go through the storyline. Other activities become available once you go through the campaign. 

The campaign mode offers three difficulty settings that can affect how you play the game. For those who want the ultimate rewards, you can go for the hellish difficulty and challenge yourself.

Participate in Events to Get Diamonds

Apart from playing the campaign, you can get diamonds from participating in events and other game modes. The game offers a lot of events for you to play and each of them will always have some sort of prize. 

These can either be in the form of gold coins or diamonds depending on the event. You may also join other game modes to receive more diamonds. One good game mode to play is Doomsday. 

In Doomsday, you get to battle with a boss and after defeating the boss, you get to receive diamonds and legendary summon scrolls.

Collect More Diamonds from Shrines and Obelisks

Having diamonds and coins is essential in Destiny Summoner. Every move you make in this game will either cost you gold coins or diamonds so it is always best to find different ways to get them in the easiest possible way.

Learn How to Get Diamonds in Destiny Summoner
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One good method in getting more diamonds in this game is to collect them from shrines and obelisks. 

There are three types of shrines and there is one shrine that will produce diamonds so make sure to collect them all by tapping on ‘Collect All’ before time runs out. 

Obelisks also have the same mechanism but you will need to complete some chapters from the campaign to retrieve the diamonds and gold coins from them.

Get More Tasks from the Tavern

Apart from using them in battle, heroes are also great at completing different tasks to get rewards from the game. All you need to do is to go to the Tavern and assign a task to a specific hero. 

Each hero can complete a single task and most of them can be completed within 24 hours. You may also skip the waiting time by tapping on 'Free' however, the option is limited so you will still need to invest some time with these tasks. 

Add more tasks to your heroes by using tasks scrolls which can be acquired by playing the campaign. Once you complete each task, the game will reward you with either diamonds, gold coins, and other resources in the game that will help you to become more successful.


Use these tips to collect even more heroes in your roster, equip better gear for each hero, and upgrade them to become even more powerful. These are just some of the tips that will help you gain an advantage in the game. Building a team of heroes has never been this fun with Destiny Summoner.

Check out the game at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.