Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim

Skyrim is filled with a lot of mysteries that give players of the game a whole lot of things to buzz about. These mysteries, popularly known as easter eggs, make the gamer appreciate the game more as it is fun when users find them and link them to their references.

In this blog post, we will go over ten of these easter eggs and look at where they can be found. We will also unravel the connection between the event and its reference to understand just how clever the developers, Bethesda Game Studios, are in hiding their easter eggs.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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Remember the great King Arthur and his powerful sword, Excalibur. The scene where King Arthur is told to pull out "The Sword in the Stone" with the saying inscribed on the stone, “Whoso pulleth out this sword from the stone, is rightwise King born of all England”?

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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In Skyrim, there are at least two scenes that pay homage to the great King Arthur. The first is similar to the pulling out of the sword from the stone at Rebel’s Cairn, south of the Broken Tower Redoubt.

The Rebel's Cairn is a quest in Skyrim, and to get there; you need to start the quest by climbing to the top of the Sundered Towers and killing the Forsworn Leader. You would afterward encounter and retrieve the sword Red Eagle's Fury (referenced Excalibur), and later on, use the sword to open the door to complete the quest.


The Lady In The Lake

The other reference to King Arthur is at the northeast of the Bleakwind Basin, where you find a pond from which a skeleton’s arm reaches out the water. This arm is holding a sword, referencing the Lady of the Lake who gives King Arthur the sword in the movies.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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In the reference, when the lady of the Lake gives Excalibur to her champion, her hand goes back into the water. But the skeleton hand, in this case, will shatter after picking up the sword.

Another more subtle easter egg can be found on a small island in Lake Ilinalta. Here, you see the Lady Stone surrounded by a lake which portrays the home to the lady of the lake.


Game Of Thrones

Everyone loves bringing the fan-favorite series GOT into every aspect. Bethesda Game Studios does this in the most thrilling way possible, making you scream, "Oh, Game of Thrones!" when you discover it. To find the referenced Game of Thrones scene, you will need to be on the quest called No One Escapes Cidhna Mine in Skyrim.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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In the quest, on getting to the mine, you must kill a guy called Madanach and his forces, and after escaping, you will be greeted by Thonar Silver-Blood and two guards who will show appreciation for killing Madanach. This appreciation is shown by giving you the Silver-Blood Family Ring and a quote, “The Silver-Bloods pay their debts. You have my thanks."

What better way than to represent the unofficial motto of the Lannister house, "A Lannister always pays his debt." Fun fact, Bethesda Game Studios asked to develop an open-world game for Game of Thrones. They declined as Game of Thrones was starting, and they preferred to create their specialty.

Beauty And The Beast

The magical love story in the form of Beauty and the Beast is also hinted at in Skyrim. This easter egg is located in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, near the road heading west from Falkreath and southeast of the Roadside Ruins.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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To get to the dark brotherhood, however, you need to find a way to impress a member of the brothers and get the secret passcode from him. Gaining access to the sanctuary of the brotherhood, you would find a giant spider, Liz, and in her nest, a dead skeleton named Gaston Bellefort, who happens to be an unsuccessful spy to the dark brotherhood.

Now the fun part is in the name of this unsuccessful spy, Gaston Belleford. Gaston is the name of the obsessed antagonist who tried to kill the Beast. Belle is the beautiful maiden and the protagonist, and Fort, from Maestro Forte, is the music instructor of the Beast who was turned into a pipe organ. Collectively, it forms Gaston-Belle-Forte.


Tribute to the most popular video game of all time - Pacman, this easter egg is quite easy to spot for keen observers. This representative can be found in Markarth, at Endon’s house. Markarth is located in the far west of the map and is a major city near the border of High Rock.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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At Endon's house, locate a bookshelf towards the left upon entering, and at the bottom of the shelf is where the solved mystery is. At the bottom shelf, you would notice a round piece of cheese with a slice cut out, three cloves of garlic, and a bowl of glow dust.

This would have been interpreted as any regular cheese, but the cheese orientation and a slaughtered fish egg on it are right where an eye would go, making it look like Pacman. Furthermore, the garlic lined up at the front of the cheese indicates the Pac-Dots that Pacman eats, while the bowl of glow dust signifies a power pellet.


And, of course, Minecraft would make a list. This reference is found in the Throat of the World quest in Skyrim, which is the highest mountain in Tamriel, located southeast of Whiterun. After completing this quest, you should climb this mountain and aim to reach the highest peak.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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Just before reaching the peak, you would notice a pickaxe stuck below the peak. Now, this pickaxe is an enchanted pickaxe named the Notched pickaxe. "Notch is the Minecraft community name for the creator of Minecraft - Markus Persson. The pickaxe also gives bonuses when it is used for smithing, similar to how items are crafted in Minecraft.

Objections to this mystery indicate that the pickaxe may refer to the two English climbers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, who went missing climbing Mount Everest in June 1924. The search and rescue team found a marked pickaxe at the top of the mountain, possibly belonging to one of them.

The Three Billy Goats

Ever come across the story of the three billy goats who went exploring for a greener pasture and stumbled upon a mean troll blocking their path on a bridge? In the story, the third of these goats, which was the largest of them, eventually defeated the troll and cleared the way for them to feed on better pastures.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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In the game, on your way to Hag Rock Redoubt, located southwest of Markarthou, you can see this bridge and the three billy goats. As you cross this bridge, you would see two goats approaching the third goat, telling the after story of the defeat of the troll by the third goat.

Even better, to make the easter egg even clearer, you would find the body of a dead troll at the bottom of the said bridge.

Alice In Wonderland

Remember the tea party in the forest where Mad Hatter invited Alice over for tea. A similar scene is adapted in Skyrim in the Mind of Madness quest. This quest is found in Solitude, whereby simply wandering around Solitude, you would eventually run into a strange-looking NPC named Dervenin to commence the quest.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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In this quest, you have to make it through Pelagius' mind where you see him having a tea party in a similar scene as Mad Hatter's. Also, to complete the quest, you would be faced with three tasks referencing the numerous tests given to Alice by Mad Hatter.

To top it all off, the reward upon completing the Mind of Madness quest is a Wabbajack, which sounds awfully similar to Jabberwocky of Alice Wonderland.

Lord Of The Rings

Lord of the Rings is referenced continuously in Skyrim. You find a house with spikes on its roof in the Nordic ruin at the foot of the mountains directly west of Riften and slightly northwest of Avanchnzel.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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Entering this house, you will find an open chest behind the cylindrical staircase that contains a golden ring, a skeleton hand, and a broken sword. This can be linked to Sauron’s finger being cut off for the ring in the Lord of the Rings. There are also two quotes from The Lord of the Rings delivered by game characters.

The famous My Precious by Gollum is said by Moira in A Night to Remember, a quest upon a wedding cancellation. Also, after a battle in the game called Whiterun, Roelof says to you, I’m pretty sure I killed more than you. I was counting. This refers to Legolas and Gimli's competition to see who gets the most kills in the series Lord of the Rings.

The Headless Horseman

The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, written by Washington Irving, is another reference. This may be the hardest among the list to find, as there is no exact location to find the Headless Horseman, referenced from Sleepy Hollow.

Discover The Easter Eggs In Skyrim
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But, we have gathered a few pieces of information that can be used to track him down. First, taking shortcuts won't help as the Headless Horseman is found roaming about the roads in Skyrim. Another important hint is that the Headless Horseman appears at night between 11 PM and 4 AM.

Following this easter egg would lead you to Hamvir’s Rest. There, you would find three skeletons and some random items like a draugr.


Skyrim has lots of twists and turns, indeed. From the main adventures to fun surprises like the mysteries of the easter eggs, the game continues to be enjoyable. Listed in this blog post are some of the solved mysteries and the links to their references.