Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins

If you're looking for a fun, colorful, fast-paced puzzle game that tickles your brain, Pull the Pin is the game you're looking for. The game offers simple yet colorful graphics with fun inventive puzzles to play for hours and hours.

Developed by Popcore Games, Pull the Pin is a puzzle game full of innovative but challenging levels. Each level contains different puzzles and obstacles but the objective remains the same—guide all the colored balls into the container below by removing pins along the way.


If you're new to playing games like this, it can be a difficult experience. Check out our guide on how to play the game, learn how to earn coins, check out some tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable, and more below.

  • Understanding the Mechanics of the Game
  • Take Advantage of the Early Levels
  • Complete Levels and Get Coins
  • Spend Your Coins by Upgrading Buildings
  • Skip a Level if You Run Out of Hints
Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins
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Understanding the Mechanics of the Game

Pull the Pin is a simple puzzle game by default but the mechanics within the game are what makes it super fun. 

Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins
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For those who don't play a lot of mobile puzzle games, it can be very challenging due to the different mechanics and difficulties involved in each level. You can prepare for this by understanding the mechanics of the game. 


The basic premise of Pull the Pin is to simply pull the pins from the puzzle by dragging them across the screen. Removing the pin releases colorful balls but the goal is to make sure that the balls will not fall off and go directly into the container. 

Every time you fail to do this, you'll have to restart the entire level until you capture all of the balls.

Different Challenges in Different Levels

Pull the Pin features hundreds of levels and each of them presents a different level of difficulty. At first, you'll play on a very easy level to help you get an understanding of the game. Then, you'll progress through the game and encounter different challenges. 


One popular challenge happens early on where there are colorless balls. These colorless balls need to be touched by a colored ball to spread the color before it gets put in the container. Failure to do so will restart the entire level. 

Most of the time, this happens when there are two chambers. You'll have to release the first chamber with the colored balls and drop them to the chamber with the colorless balls. Once that is done, you can then work your way to put the balls in the container found at the bottom of the screen.

Take Advantage of the Early Levels

The early levels might seem quite easy to many players. However, there is a reason why the early levels are meant to be easy. These levels should be used to learn more about the game and how it works. 

This way, you get to form your strategy for when you encounter more difficult levels. The game slowly introduces different obstacles and challenges as you progress so you don't get surprised at how difficult some levels are. 

Many players often make the mistake of coasting through the early levels without learning why things work and get surprised when they reach the more difficult levels. Then, they give up because the game is suddenly too difficult.

What to Do When You Have More than Two Pins

As mentioned above, there will be more challenges as you progress through the game. One of the early challenges that many players encounter early on is what to do when you have two pins or more. 

It can be very tricky to decide which pin to pull first as you may risk sending the colored balls away from the container. Most of the time, when you have to deal with more than two pins to pull, you'll also have to deal with colorless balls. 

The tip here is to focus on making sure that you mix the colored balls with the colorless ones first and then move on to pull the pins to drop them into the container. It's way easier when you perceive it that way instead of figuring out how to solve the puzzle. Take it one step at a time. 

Complete Levels and Get Coins

There is another feature in Pull the Pin that makes playing the game even more fun. 

Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins
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The game introduces the use of coins as a currency used by players. Coins are normally given after completing each level but the best way to earn coins is to complete the level faster

The faster you solve the puzzle, the more likely you'll receive even more coins and the quicker you move to the next level. 

There's a lot of levels to complete so there's always a lot of ways for you to earn coins.

Ads Can Help You Earn More Coins

At the start of the game, it's quite easy to earn coins since you'll be rushing through the early levels with ease. When the game begins to feel more difficult, it can also be very difficult to earn more coins. Completing each level takes a lot of time so you don't earn coins as much later on. 

Fortunately, there is another way to earn more coins in Pull the Pin. You can also watch ads to get more coins. You'll see a notification after completing a few levels in the game where you will be prompted to watch some ads. 

Tap on this option and watch the ads until the end and you will receive a reward. The first time you'll encounter this option is when you reach level 5 then another pops up by the time you hit level 10 and then on level 15 and so on.

Spend Your Coins by Upgrading Buildings

Once you've collected enough coins, Pull the Pin introduces a new mini-game where players get to build different houses. This is unlocked around level 29

Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

Players can build a small house at first and then upgrade it with the use of coins. There's an advantage to building houses in this mini-game. It will produce coins passively so the more houses you build, the more passive income you get. 

Don't worry about spending a lot of your coins on building houses and upgrading them. You'll soon recover all of your expenses once you've done enough upgrades to produce a good income. 

The best part is that these buildings produce a coin every four hours even if you are playing the main game or if you are away.

Play Challenges and Earn Even More Coins

Another feature that will help you earn more coins apart from ads and building houses is Challenges. With Challenges, you'll have to use your coins to earn more coins. 

It is a complex set of levels in the game where the more you play, the more rewards you'll get. However, each level is very difficult so it is best that you try to learn the game as much as you can first before settling in to play Challenges. 

Remember, you need to win the levels to get coins. So, if you lose, you'll have to pay to start again.

Skip a Level if You Run Out of Hints

It's normal for players to be stuck playing on a certain level. There are some challenging levels in this game but there's also a way to help you solve each level. One of which is through the use of Hints. 

Pull the Pin - Discover How to Get Coins
Image Source: Google Play Store

Players can tap the option to receive hints and clues on what to do next to help solve the puzzle. However, when you tap the Hint button, you'll have to watch an ad first, and then the hint will appear after. 

When you run out of hints and you're still stuck on a level, it is best that you try to skip the level instead. There's a button just beside the Hint option called Skip which lets you skip the entire level. 

You'll have to watch an ad to proceed to the next level and there are only a few times that you can skip a level so be careful when you use it.

Don't Be Afraid to Restart a Level

Many players tend to focus all of their energies on solving the complicated puzzle on their screen. Sometimes, they are even afraid to take the risk and would rather stare at the screen for a long time hoping for a miracle to happen. This is not an enjoyable experience for players. 

The best way to deal with this is to pull yourself out of the game. Take a few minutes away from playing and get back into the game with a new perspective. If this does not resolve anything, don't be afraid to hit the restart button and try again. 

You might not notice it at first but starting all over will give you some fresh ideas on how you can solve the puzzle better. Try this method only when you can't think of any other way to solve the puzzle, even after all the hints.


Whether you're a fan of mobile puzzle games or not, Pull the Pin is a great game to introduce you to the genre. The tips mentioned above should help you ease into the game and make playing Pull the Pin much more enjoyable.

Check out Pull the Pin at the Google Play Store or the App Store to download the game.