How to Join Overwatch League

oOne of the best tournament series in eSports is the Overwatch League, which features players with advanced gaming skills. Highlighting high-intensity competition, talented teams from around the world meet to battle. 

Joining the Overwatch League is easy, permitting you to know the division you want to participate in. In addition, you need to be in a team of four to six players. The biggest event, Overwatch World Cup involves major national teams.


Before joining the Overwatch World Cup, teams can participate in the competitive meet first. After qualifying to represent the country, the participating team needs to win a series of competitions. Here’s everything to know about the league. 

How to Join Overwatch League

What is Overwatch League? 

Overwatch League is a kind of tournament that pits professional teams against each other for a championship trophy and cash prize. 

This is organized by eSports but governed by Blizzard Entertainment, gathering all talented teams from around the world to promote fair matches and professional gaming skills. 


Because the cash prize is massive, eSports has governing bodies to oversee the competitive factors involved in the leagues. Aside from winning, other factors like teamwork and the dynamics of players are part of the factors. 

In addition to governing bodies, a predetermined set of rules is also set. Violating these rules can terminate teams and determine whether a team wins or lose. A controlled stream is also set by eSports to prevent bugs that can affect the game. 

The Overwatch League was first released in 2016 and garnered a lot of attention for its structure. Each participating team needs to climb the ladder in order to be named as the champion for certain events. 


Major Requirements to Join Overwatch League

For each team, comprising of six players, eSports has a set of requirements to participate in the Overwatch League. All players must be at least 18 years old to join a team, and everyone must have a valid passport to travel to other countries for the match. 

There’s also a code of conduct maintained and monitored by the governing body, Blizzard Entertainment. Blurting out curses, foul language, and display of unsportsmanlike conduct could result in penalties and even disqualification. 

The code of conduct also helps to establish the sportsmanship of each player, and safeguard the image of the platform. Additionally, harassment and discrimination are debunked to have a clean, friendly match. 

How to Join the Overwatch League

Before any team can participate in the Overwatch League, they must work their way through the minor leagues first. By rising through the ranks, such as Open Division to Contenders Division, teams can gain access to the major league. 

To start, a player must reach level 25 and unlock the Competitive Play. This league comprises of six seasons in a year, where players can earn points for every win. It’s important to earn as many points to get the Master rank and join the Open Division. 

For the Open Division, players must form a team, and be the top four contenders to advance to the Trials tournament. The winning teams can proceed to the Contenders Division, and the winner winds up to the Overwatch League. 

At the Overwatch World Cup, teams compete with other countries around the world to win the title. A $5 million cash prize is provided to the grand champion, along with the tournament trophy. 

How to Join Overwatch League


Joining the Overwatch League takes a lot of time and skills, as players and teams compete with the most talented individuals across the world. 

By winning back-to-back games, a team can enter the World Cup and face hardcore gamers from participating countries.